Thanksgiving Retreat

retreat bannerIt’s All about Thanksgiving!

  • Friday, November 15, 7:00-9:00pm
  • Saturday, November 16, 8:30am–12:00pm
  • Metro Church in Winter Springs

Ladies, you are invited to a special Thanksgiving retreat designed to prepare your hearts and spirits for the upcoming holiday season.

Friday Session

Moments and Markers

A defining “Moment” is a moment in time when we hear a truth in a new way and as a result we make a decision that marks our future.  This session will focus on living with anticipation for what each day will bring.  A “Marker” is taking that moment and then doing something about it.  If you were to look at your life story could you see the defining moments and markers that have shaped you?  What would it look like if at this time of year you made an intentional decision to express your gratitude to others?  How would that change you?  How would it change your relationships?  In this session I will share some new moments and markers that have shaped my life over the last six months.

Saturday Sessions

Mentors and Messages

Life is hard and we are all seem to be running at Mach speed.  There are so many things we need to learn in our personal lives, our marriages, parenting and work.  If we seek to go through life alone we will face uncertain outcomes.  If it’s true that we are writing our stories with the decisions we make, who is helping you navigate the uncertainties?  Our life story will be made up of decisions we make, and the people we know.  Do the people who have shaped you know what they mean to you?  Can you share with them your specific words of gratitude?  This session will be a working session.  It will be a time to not only understand the role a mentor plays and what life shaping messages you have learned from them, but also a time time to stop and write your specific words of gratitude.

Memories and Meaning

What if you could begin making intentional memories for the purpose of telling the story years from now with delight?  Go out 10 years and think about what can you do today that will bring a sweet story later?  What can you begin doing in your current season of life that will bring delight in your next season?  In this session we will focus on thinking intentionally and looking for meaningful memories that will bring delight to not only our souls but to those we are with.

My Favorite Books and Final Thoughts

In this final wrap up session I will share some of my favorite books that I have read and been impacted by over the last six months.  They will be related to my health, my dreams, and my practices.  I will share some of my big moments as I have gone back to some hard places.  I will close the session with several truths related to the power of intentional reflection.


20.00 per person.  Friday evening will feature a coffee and dessert theme, Saturday morning will include a simple continental breakfast.



photo credit: joiseyshowaa via photopin cc