The story of each man’s life influences the future, shining a light or casting a shadow on subsequent generations. This environment, led by Jim Werner, will focus on the essential role that men play in their families. As men, we must challenge one another to live with an intentional awareness of those that follow us.

The mission of ENGAGE is to:

  • Enlist men to embrace a life cause that is larger than themselves
  • Enlighten men with Biblical truths that address the frustrations and challenges that often occupy men’s minds
  • Encourage men that the unique role they play in their family cannot be done by someone else

ENGAGE is a monthly, morning format featuring a relevant topic and group discussion (7:00-8:00am).  Coffee and breakfast are available beginning at 6:45am.


Gaints and Thorns BannerGiants and Thorns

In the days just before his crucifixion, Jesus made a disconcerting statement to his followers. “In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 (NASB)

True to the words of Jesus, the world presents trouble to us everyday. Sometimes the difficulties are seemly insurmountable obstacles that oppose us at every turn. These obstructions are often accompanied by fear and doubt that prevent us from moving.  At other times the problems are annoying irritations that, while they do not prevent our progress, they often make movement so miserable that we are tempted to give up or turn back.

As men we must be prepared to face the giants and thorns that we will inevitably encounter on our earthly journey.  To deny their existence is folly, to ignore their power is stupidity.  But the statement of Jesus did not end with the sober acknowledgment of trouble in the world, he also called for courage and offered hope.  What is the basis of the courage we need and how can we learn to be hopeful or even cheerful (see KJV translation of John 16:33) in the face of trouble?

The ENGAGE theme for 2013-14 season focuses on the giants and thorns that men encounter in their daily walk and the courage and discipline that are required to face those challenges.  Our discussions will address practical ways to confront these foes that hinder our relationships with our families and others.

What giants are you facing?  What is causing you fear and preventing you from growing in your relationship with God, your spouse, and your children?  What thorns seem to relentlessly tear at you and wear you out?  How are those distractions preventing you from caring for the people and priorities that are most important to you?  If we are to experience satisfaction and competence in fulfilling our roles are husbands and fathers, we must be prepared to address giants and thorns.

I invite each man to join us for an exciting journey.



Beginning in October 2013, ENGAGE will be offered monthly at the following locations:

Thursdays Fridays  Topic
Metro Church Calvary Assembly
October 10 October 11 Unique – Each of us is unique, created for a specific purpose in God’s master plan.  No one else can play the role that I was cast in when God first imagined me in His story.
November 14 November 15 Personal Growth – We have a choice to be intentional or unintentional about the person we are becoming.  My decisions shape the person I become.  Pride and self-sufficiency prevent growth.
December 12 December 13 Community – God created us in his image as relational beings and never intended for us to function alone.  As men we need others with whom we can share victories and defeats.  Encouragement from a fellow combatant is a great source of strength.
January 9 January 10 Love – God modeled love for us.  I have the opportunity to love my wife, children, and others in a manner that is consistent with His example by giving myself to them.  Selfishness stops love cold.
February 13 February 14 Lead – I have the opportunity to speak into the lives of my children in a way that will enhance their walk with God and other people.  I will need humility and grace if I expect them to listen.  Insecurity, comparison, and control make leadership ineffective.
March 13 March 14 Provide – Our values set the parameters of our priorities.  What I value determines what I choose to do for others; where I invest my time, talents, and teasures.
April 10 April 11 Protect – We protect the things we value.  I communicate a great deal about myself and others by the things that I guard.
May 8 May 9 Legacy – Who I am determines how I will be remembered.  Each day my actions write the legacy that I will leave behind.

Metro Church, 1491 E. State Road 434, Winter Springs
Calvary Assembly, 1199 Clay Street, Winter Park


An Open Invitation

Jim gives the back story to ENGAGE and invites men to join the conversation. Read the invitation.



The cost is $80.00 (includes continental breakfast for the eight month season) and may be paid online via credit card. Register here.


Additional Information

Direct questions to Jim Werner.





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