Mandy’s Story


Mandy, Casey and son Jack

As I sat in your office almost 8 or 9 years ago (!) to start Legacy Principles, I couldn’t have known that it wouldn’t just be something I would experience those two years; instead, it would be something I’d visit time and time again. It has shaped me, forcing me to be intentional in my relationships, work, and spiritual life; it has helped define who I am: wife, mother, daughter, friend, and most importantly, child of God; it has shown me my strengths, weaknesses, and how both can be used for the kingdom. Because of the love you’ve poured into so many lives across your table, I understand community and unconditional love. I was able to walk through my pain, understanding that sometimes it’s only through suffering that we can truly touch the face of God. And to think I was able to experience and understand this all at 28! Lucky, lucky me.

Because of you, your passions, your obedience to God’s call, and time spent in your community, I am able to articulate the story God has masterfully penned for my life.  Thank you for that gift.

Mandy participated in the Legacy Principles mentoring program in 2005-06.

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