My Significant Year

How do I share in writing all that GOD has done in my life over the last few months?  I wish I could sit and share this with you over a cup of coffee, but today I will pray that the Holy Spirit will take my words and let them be clearly communicated to you in this post. (I will share more at the March 5 parent meeting)

This weekend is a marker in my life.  It is my last weekend in the decade of my 50’s as well as a time to announce that the Werner tribe will be adding another precious grandchild (Lord willing) in August.  Elisabeth is expecting her second baby.  This will give Jim and me 10 amazing grandchildren.  Words cannot even describe the joy it is to watch our babies have babies.

Given the significance of the weekend, I want to share with you what GOD has done and is doing in my life.  I will seek to share my current story in three brief categories: Significant Moments, A God Whisper, and a New Dream.  You can hear more by listening to the first 15 minutes of my opening session at the New Year, New Goals, New YOU event that I presented on Saturday, January 5.

Significant Moments
Dr. Dobson came to Orlando on Saturday, October 27 to present two sessions to a live audience.  Jim and I were asked by Mike Farris of Home School Legal Defense Association to help organize the event.  We were overwhelmed with excitement and delight with the idea.  We could not even believe that GOD would give us such an opportunity to actually meet the man who had significantly shaped our story.  It was through Dr. Dobson in 1983 that we learned about homeschooling. As a result of his ministry we began the frightening journey with our oldest daughter Sarah when she began kindergarten in August of 1983.

When we shared our personal story with his team in July, they asked if we would be available to host the Dobson’s on Sunday, after the event, as they felt that Dr. Dobson would be encouraged and energized by our family story.  Once again we were overwhelmed with gratitude.  Dr. Dobson was coming to lunch at the Werner home.  What an incredible moment God was giving to us as we embarked this year on our thirty-year homeschooling anniversary.

From July until October, I spent significant time thinking and writing my thoughts that I wanted to share with Dr. Dobson. His voice called my heart to focus on my family.  He helped me understand how to train my children, raise a strong willed little boy, be a better wife, and be tough and tender in relationships that were not what GOD desired. He introduced me to spiritual mentors who significantly shaped my life and my story through seminars and books.

Because of his ministry I was not afraid to fight for my family.  Because of our focus on our marriage and our relationships with our children, we sit at an incredible place of delight with our five children, their spouses and their children.  Dr. Dobson was a life shaper for me and I was so very GRATEFUL!

The Night of the Event
The room was ready, the green room was set, and the excitement was in the air.  We learned that Dr. Dobson was under high security due to demonstrations at an event he had done previously in California.  As a result, he did not arrive to the church until 30 minutes before he was to speak.  Jim was with him in the green room preparing his introduction while I was in the audience assisting Mrs. Dobson and his children.  As Jim had a delightful meeting with Dr. Dobson, I delighted in meeting Ryan and Danae.  In the early introductions I learned that the entire Dobson family had been sick all week and that Dr. Dobson was not feeling well that evening.  Many prayers were lifted for him that night and as a result he was not able to spend a lot of time with people.

After the sessions were over Jim and I were busy resetting the room and I did not pay attention to the Dobson’s departure knowing we would see each other at lunch the following day.  Unfortunately, that is not what happened.  I got a text on Sunday at 5:00am stating that they were very sick and they would need to take a rain check.  They were too sick to come to lunch.  I was devastated, deeply grieved, because I had missed the moment.  I did not meet him, I did not shake his hand, I did not have a word for him and I was broken. I missed the moment because I thought I would have tomorrow.

God Whispers
In my tears I asked GOD to speak into my soul.  I wanted to know what I was to learn from this event. My heart was FULL of gratitude.  My thoughts were specific; they were emotional, and very real to me.  There were defining moments and specific markers of personal and spiritual growth that resulted from reading his books as well as other authors he introduced me to through Focus on the Family.

I wanted Dr. Dobson to be personally encouraged that his life’s work and ministry touched a real person and shaped a beautiful large family whose legacy is continuing.  I did not want him to grow weary at the end of his life.  I wanted him to know and to hear my words of deep gratitude and appreciation.

God whispered into my heart on Wednesday, November 21 to take time to go and see him.  Don’t let this disappointment stop you from sharing your heart.  Look at the significance of 2013 and don’t miss the moment. In my quiet time on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) I began thinking about the 2013 year.  My thoughts are always focused this time of year on new desires, new dreams, and new-year activities.  As I began thinking about 2013 the LORD illuminated my soul to the significant NUMBERS that I would celebrate in 2013.

 The Significance of 2013

  • First year of a new decade of life
  • 10 Grandchildren
  • Season 10 of Legacy Principles in September
  • 30 years in the homeschooling movement in August
  • 60 years old (February 16)

1-10-10-30-60 . . . Wow! When I wrote those numbers in my journal, I stopped and asked GOD what can I do this year that will significantly mark my story?

The Dream
From June 1, 2013 until February 16, 2014 I will step away to take a journey of gratitude.  I will take time to visit significant people who have shaped me either through their lives or their books.  I will take time to write my story for my children and my grandchildren.

I will visit people and places to remember the lessons and truths that GOD used to teach me through His Word, through others and through books.  Some of my writings and travels will be done alone, others with Jim, and some will be with my children and my grandchildren.

I will be stepping away from my work and ministry for a defined time period. I will be here but I am asking GOD for time and freedom of schedule in order to make the most of this significant year of my life.

During my sabbatical, Jim will continue in his leadership role.  I am not retiring or resigning but I will not function in my normal role during this time.  I am convinced our leadership team will thrive while I am away.  We are so excited about all that GOD is opening up for us this new school year.

New Things
An incredible opportunity will be shared at the March 5 parent meeting as it relates to youth and aviation.  You don’t want to miss it

Legacy Principles Season 10 will open only for ENGAGE in September.  This is a great environment for men that Jim will be leading. The ENGAGE environment is currently touching 60 men and next year will be a full nine-month season.  There are still a few months left in the current season if you would like to attend.  Here is what a few men said about the session this past week on strength and passivity, “EPIC”,  “Life changing”,  “So grateful!”  Learn more about ENGAGE.

In Closing
I am so grateful for YOU.  I have loved sharing my life and story for 30 years on an open platform.  I trust that being a part of Circle Christian School and Legacy Principles has marked your life.

My prayer for my “Journey of Gratitude” is this: Oh God, will you help me remember all that you have done through others.  Let my words of appreciation and gratitude; ignite another soul, in order for them to go another day.  Bring to my heart the truths and principles that have shaped me in order to share them with my children and grandchildren in order for them to know all that YOU have done in our family story.  Let my words and affirmation of praise bring YOU glory.  In Jesus Name I pray, AMEN!

If you would like to know more about where I will be going and whom I will be visiting, send me an email and I will send you my 1-10-10-30-60 journey summary.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly, lindaw@circlechristianschool.org.  I would love to share more.

By the way, our time with Dr. Dobson is scheduled for Wednesday, July 17 in Colorado Springs. I cannot wait.





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