A Time to Reflect

This week of Thanksgiving has been a wonderful time of refreshment for me.  The week was simple, the family time was intimate, and the opportunity to think and meditate on all that God has provided was sweet.

It is so important to stop and take time to reflect, refresh, and refrain from the busyness that is screaming for our attention.  I shudder when I see Christmas decorations up after Halloween.  I wonder why I tend to get caught up in what the world does rather than for what my spirit longs.  It is a battle.  It is a discipline to stop and listen to the voice and heart of God.  Fight for it this season and you too will be refreshed.

Here are several practical things that I do which I have found have allowed my heart to stop and be renewed.

  • Find a place where you consistently read your Bible and meditate.  I have found that “my place” has been more valuable than finding a time.
  • Find a way to play music that specifically ministers to your heart.  (I love Pandora radio).
  • Find a time of solitude at least one time during the week where your heart can dream, your mind can imagine, and your spirit can soar!  Do not let the season control and wear you out.  You are the one in charge of your thoughts and time.
  • Practice saying “NO” so you can say “Yes” to what’s important.

Our deepest calling is to know and love the Lord our God with all of our heart, with all of our soul, and with all of our mind.  I invite you to make time this season just for YOU to engage with Jesus Christ like never before.  After all He is the one we celebrate!

photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc

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