Be There

Dr. James Dobson, summarized his challenge of the evening with two words, “Be there!” On Saturday night Dr. Dobson presented two talks. He opened the evening with a message entitled “Trashing Your Trophies” and closed with a riveting story of his passion for family legacy.

As I sat and listened to his message I was moved to think about all the times I get lost in building my stuff here, for today, for me. His big idea is that when we build our lives around our stuff and our accomplishments, we will never be remembered. He shared the power of a spiritual legacy. What will my children and my grandchildren remember about my spiritual journey and our family story? Will they know that there was nothing more important to me than loving Jesus and loving them? Will they know that I pray for them often, that my heart desires for them to “be there” in Heaven?

Today, inspired by the story we heard last night, I have made a new commitment to Jesus and to my family – I will pray every morning for my children and their children and for the generations I will never know. I will pray that their lives, their souls, their spiritual decisions will be wholly surrendered to Him.

This is a calling of huge proportion. I want to be found faithful and I desire more than anything to hear my Savior say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

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